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August 2007

By jasonbolger, Aug 1 2007 11:00AM

Just finishing off the last few loads of straw. We finally made our hay in the first week of August. One field should have been made in June, so most of it resembled a carpet, as new grass had grown through the old and matted it together. It certainly isn't good hay, but it will fill them up. The second field was second cut so it should be nice, even though we had one bit of rain on it! The foals are growing and enjoying more human contact but we would all benefit from some sunshine! As with everything it is much easier when it is not raining. Some of the foals have not bothered to shed their foal coat and are now getting a winter coat, so it is much more difficult to see what their adult colour will be. The stallions have been moved from the mares and are looking really well. I think 'Teddy' looks forward to leaving the mares as he gets a rest and a bit of extra feed, such a little gent!

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