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June 2007

By jasonbolger, Jun 1 2007 11:00AM

Welcome to an insight into a small farm in Somerset. Initially I thought writing a few lines about the ponies would be easy, but as they are so easy to care for it will be more about what I hope will be interesting stories!

The ponies foal outside without cameras or monitors, they don’t get over-fat as the cows east the richest grass. The only downside this year has been colts currently at 4 to 1, but don’t think there is much I can do about that!

I do not show my ponies, not because I don’t think they are good enough, but because with my experience of my parents showing dogs, I know it is not always the best animal that wins.

It is the middle of June now and we are still trying to finish silage making and bringing back the seemingly endless loads of black silage bales. Haymaking seems a long way off after a really dry April we are now getting payback with not enough dry days to start.

The foals are growing well and its lovely to see them tearing around the field morning and evening in a gang, with Teddy (the stallion) trying to keep them under control, as the mums are not bothered now! The young calves do the same thing, running and jumping around. You never seem to think of them enjoying themselves not in the same way you see lambs playing on the television, but calves and foals have just as much fun. They particularly like an old bucket or broken roadside bollard to play with!

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