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November 2007

By jasonbolger, Nov 1 2007 12:00PM

What a gorgeous autumn we are having, hopefully the winter will seem that bit shorter now. Most of the foals have now been weaned. This year I have been weaning them two at a time, getting them used to the halter and a bit of feed, before going on to the next two. Most of them were quite happy to leave their mums, only the filly Whisper got a bit wound up and sulked. Her mum, Emma, also did not want her to leave, which is quite unusual as I think she's in foal again, and they normally do not mind leaving the older foal then. Some of the mares actually seem relieved when the foals get taken off. I have seen them wondering around the field with the foal chasing them, getting quite grumpy with the other mares and not letting the foal suckle!The stallions are settled in their winters quarters. Squirrel has Fudge (Molly Bloom) for company, and Muffy (Zak) has Jinnie. Teddy is enjoying a rest in his small paddock and barn, which over looks the fields to his girls and the cows in the yard.

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