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Miniature Donkeys


'I just felt like emailing you as Bonnie is the most wonderful pony I could ever have asked for. We’ve had horses for years and I love her more than all of them put together! She has a fantastic temperament and I hope to show her next year for fun. She gave us a stunning but unexpected colt foal this spring. She has been the most fantastic mum'.

Hillash Bonnie


'He's an absolute star! Every member of the stables absolutely love him and he has such a character. He recently started long reining out a couple of times a week and picked it up so quickly, he loves his work. So far he has had a very successful showing career being placed (normally in the top 3) every time out and qualified last year for mini hoys, royal London and many more! Unfortunately I couldn't make the big shows last year but next year I will hopefully qualify again and go! Today Bruce had his vet examination for his breeding license and he passed with flying colours, as you can imagine I am extremely over the moon! He really is such a lovely little chap and is a real "mummy's boy".'

Hillash Bruce


'He settled in on his first day straight away. I now get him outside every time the sun is out and he loves running about outside. He has gone all white as he is shedding his second coat, and so has the field hahaha! He is so gentle, loving and well behaved. I wouldn't be without him now, thank you so much! '

Hillash Hardy


'Bruce went to his first show today and we were very successful, we came third in both classes, young stock and Shetland open. They were strong classes and the judge loved him. Said he is very correct with good bone and a beautiful little chap'.

Hillash Bruce


After buying these two little cheeky ponies in November they have settled in well, and made good friends with our New Forest. Becks is the cheeky one of the two, he's into absolutely everything, and has fallen in love with a thoroughbred mare that we are looking after, whereas Arnie is the more laid back one, but still gets into mischief.They are happy little ponies'.

Hillash Becks and Hillash Arnie


I thought you might be interested to know about Fergie. He has grown into a beautiful 3 year old and has just started showing In his first show he stood second in mountain and moorland to our champion stallion who was 1st. The judges comments were that once he matures a little he will be hard to beat / beautiful and that he would always be in the ribbons . At home he is a loveable, well-manned, very clever little scamp. He is so laid back that its hard to remember sometimes that he is still only a baby' .

Hillash Fergie


'He’s has previously been used as a stallion at stud, although he’s just a pet now with the view to training him to carriage driving. He’s a lovely boy with great temperament'.

Hillash Apache Magic


'We bought Hillash Angus and Rowan from you in 2009 we thought you would like to know how they are getting along. They have both been to a family horse show and won prizes and have learnt many things. We love them to bits!'.

Hillash Angus and Hillash Rowan


“They are fine, settling in and both are extremely sweet. I adore them. Skye especially is so affectionate and loving, and Mushroom is adorable.”

Hillash Skye and Hillash Mushroom


“Evie is doing really well. She is very loving and friendly. She is a super pony and one we are likely to keep for a very long time.”

Hillash Evie


“They are two beautiful, well behaved & very much loved little ponies. We entered them in their first show in March & Princess took 1st in Miniature newcomers class, 2nd in Miniature novice class and 6th in Miniature 3yr old class.”

Hillash Princess & Hillash Cheyanne


“Ryo is doing so well. He has been out showing with us and doing so well. I have attached a couple of recent photos of him. He has taken firsts as well as seconds and thirds in his classes. As he is only a baby he is lost in with the big boys but the judges seem to love his color and he stands out well. He even won the best solid color class at a local show!”

Hillash Ryo


"Just a quick note to let you know that India and Champers are settling in well. Hard to imagine they have only been with us for a week. My daughter fell in love at first sight.”

Hillash Champers and Hillash Indie


“She is adorable. Cleaned out the horsebox yesterday and couldn't keep Bluebelle out of it, she kept running in and out passed the broom. She has a really cheeky character and is an absolute darling. She loves following the wheelbarrow when I poo pick every day and tries to knock it over each time - but I'm wise to her now. She is very friendly and looks like a little teddy bear at the moment."

Hillash Bluebelle


"Tilly is just wonderful. My daughter and Tilly are complete soul mates. She is the most gentle natured pony, she loves attention and is friendly towards everyone now, always looking for scratches, tickles and a bottom rub! My daughter and her are inseparable, they have a very special bond. Tilly often tries to climb onto my daughters lap when they're having an evening cuddle! We couldn't have wished for a more beautiful and sweet friendly pony."

Hillash Chantilly


"Thank you so much for Matrix!!! He is so beautiful and an angel too! I put his head collar on without any fuss from him which was great you'd be amazed at the number of foals and even adults that haven't ever really seen a head collar! And after a small discussion about how to get off a trailer he was off sticking his nose into everything he could find, he met the sheep and the handy man who joked that he could pass for a puppy!! Then he took me off up to the top fields and found the rest of the foals, he got so excited he did this little hop-buck-skip-rear type thing and whinnied to them. I can't believe we have only had him a week! It feels like he has been with us forever, we have really bonded with him as have everyone else, he has especially bonded with Romeo who is the same size as Matrix. Matrix also, I'm sure you will find funny to hear, has got himself a fine young lady friend who has taken a shine to him! Thank you again for letting us have him we are so pleased with him and can't wait to see what he looks like when he becomes a 'big boy'."

Hillash Matrix


"Morph is a good little chap, and we’ve had no problems with him at all. He’s good to lead & handle, and an around good boy. He does rather resemble a yak at the moment – he has an amazingly thick coat, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s under that, this spring! He really does have very good movement, really lovely to watch."

Hillash Morpheus


"I brought a cream dun and white colt (Sand storm) and a chestnut colt (Flicka) from you last year, just wanted to say there wonderful and there doing great."

Hillash Sand Storm and Hillash Flickering Embers


Keep In Touch

Here are some of the comments from people who’ve bought our ponies in the past and let us know how they are getting on!